Wednesday, November 7, 2007

COST292 Special Session: Towards Automated Robust Vision-based Surveillance

Information about the COST292 invited special session is online [1].

Title: Towards Automated Robust Vision-based Surveillance

Chairs: Dr. Noel E. O’Connor (DCU), Dr. Marzia Corvaglia (Uni. Brescia)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Visual computation: background subtraction, object detection and tracking, body and face detection, face recognition;
  • Event and activity modeling and analysis: human action modeling and recognition, crowd behaviour analysis;
  • Multiple stream analysis: fusion across similar and/or differing visual modalities, augmenting visual analysis with other modalities such as audio;
  • Architectures: video surveillance network architectures, new sensors and cameras;
    Annotation, Indexing and Storage: archival & retrieval of sensor data and extracted semantics, query paradigms and languages;
  • Coding: event-/object-based compression for surveillance, scalable coding, distributed coding;
  • Applications: crime prevention, aerial imaging (satellite, infrared), public transport systems, privacy protection, anonymity enforcement;

Programme subcommittee, important dates, and contact information can be found at the COST292 invited special session Web site [1].